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We provide investments services though Lord Wellington Investments, LLC, a wholly-owned affiliate owned by Greg Kennedy. Through this affiliated company, we can cover all of our client’s investing needs. Click here for more information.

We work with money managers to design portfolios tailored to each client’s individual needs. We take a long-term approach to wealth accumulation for our clients…an approach that has been very successful. The money managers that we work with have developed a proprietary system that focuses on risk minimization coupled with generating positive returns.

We can assist you with all of your investment needs. Many people have multiple 401K’s from previous employers that they don’t really manage as they should. Likewise, many have multiple IRA’s. Let us work with you to consolidate those accounts through rollovers. We can help you manage your retirement accounts more effectively by rolling over the accounts into one account.

Investing is not just about retirement. We work with many clients who simply want to grow their cash…they desire wealth accumulation. No matter what your goals are, managing your investment nest egg is a full-time endeavor.

No matter you age or income level, saving for the future is of the upmost importance. There's no better time than today to take control over your finances and to set in motion a financial plan that will enable you to achieve all of your life's goals. Don't be a financial proactive!

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