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Financial Planning & Retirement Planning

Our Affiliates

We provide financial and retirement planning services through Lord Wellington Investments, LLC and Lord Wellington Financial, Inc., two affiliates that are wholly-owned by Greg Kennedy. Through these affiliate companies, we can cover all of our client’s financial needs. Click here for more details.

The decision to enter into this arena was made in 2007 after observing how our then existing CPA clients were making poor financial decisions because they were working with companies that only cared about selling them a product and then moving on to the next potential customer. The approach worked well for the other companies…but not so well for our CPA clients.

Entering into the financial and retirement planning markets proved to be a big hit with our clients.

Our business owners, in particular, have greatly benefited from our integrated approach to link their business success to their personal financial success. Our clients have seen their personal financial situations improve dramatically and they know without a doubt that having their CPA involved is a huge plus for them. How do we know this? Because we hear it over and over!

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